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Marble- the sculpture stone, marble, has been honed and perfected by the world’s most renowned artists but make no mistake marble is a stand-alone work of art and as such, makes a beautiful counter top or back splash. Marble starts as limestone in which the calcite is recrystallized when the limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. It can be honed and polished to a high shine making it a beautiful focal point for counter tops, back splashes, tiles and flooring. Textured marble can also be installed the texture hides the acid etching you see in honed marbles.



  1. Many different colors can be polished into a high a shine that reflects light and builds a beautiful translucence.

  2. Ideal for rolling dough

  3. Softer than granite – easier to work with

  4. Sustainable

  5. Natural grain

  6. Durable and heat resistant

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  1. Scratches and dents easier than granite

  2. Very heavy

  3. MUST seal it to protect against stains

  4. Common acids like coffee, wine, citrus can etch the marble requiring refinishing. Texturized marble hides this etching better than honed.

  5. Expensive

  6. HIGH maintenance

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  1. Clean daily with mild soap and water or marble cleaner.

  2. Always use cutting board

  3. ALWAYS wipe spills immediately.

  4. Acidic products can etch the stone

  5. Seal marble to prevent stains

  6. Regularly reseal marble every 1-5 years

  7. Plan to refinish highly honed marble every 2 years

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